July 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

1. It'd be nice if i can have my own office. Like the GM's office. With nice view, sophisticated interior, and if i'm lucky a 49" flat screen TV (ape ko hengat ni opis bapak ko?)

2. The kopi-0 kaw kaw that i made doesnt seem to have effects on me anymore.

3. Loads of my friends are getting/just got married. i can't help but wonder "When is my turn???"

4. And some of them are pregnant/have cute lil' babies. i cant help imagining what it's like to have my own kids.

5. Today is the last day in the office for those who have been offered VSS (the company calls it CTO).Though i'm not one of them (alhamdulillah), i feel deeply sad to know that (at least) 4 of them are my friends. Friends, be strong. Rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana. Mane tau rezeki korang lagi murah ditempat lain. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan kamu. Amin.

6. Buruk nye la baju aku harini.

7. Petang ni ade kelas RPM at the gym. (RPM is spinning class where we cycle for non stop for one freaking hour! Seriously tiring but i feel good afterwards. Baru gi 2 kali huhu)

8. Sangat mengidam nak makan gado-gado Wong Solo!

9. i'll try to blog dengan bernas when i'm free :)
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