July 10, 2010

Introducing Veraciouz!

People, let me introduce you to a new Malaysian indie band, VERACIOUZ.

They have only one single so far, and are working on new songs. Feel free to listen to their first single titled Musnah.

Musnah has been played by a couple of radio channels for a few times.

The band is made of 4 young men from various background and professions, with one thing in common - their love for music. This is their first attempt to make it into Malaysian music scene.

Yes, as a new band, they have a lot to improve. This song needs re-recording. But i know i'm gonna love and support this band. Because you know why? i love their song, the band members are my friends. And my very own Mr. Chenta is the lead guitarist. Hehe.

*big, i'm-proud-of-my-boyfriend smile*

For more information on the band, visit their webbie at http://www.veraciouz.com/

Give support ya'll!
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