July 20, 2010

Memories: July 2009

It's mid July. This time around, last year i was in London.

LONDON ya'll!

OK, i know i sound so jakun. But i can't help it. That's the first time EVER in my life i've been to London. And Paris. So please understand my jakun-ness, people.

i went with Mr. Chenta (hehe who else). Tapi bukan ber-honeymoon or memadu kasih yea. Coincidently BOTH of our bestfriends were there. Shaq and Faiz. It's crazy betapa kebetulannya kawan baik kami dua-dua berada di sana at the same time. The best part is both of them didn't even know each other. i think Mr. Chenta and i were meant to be. Sebab kawan-kawan kami dua-dua di sana. Rumah diorg dekat-dekat lak tu. Meant to be tak?? Okay, aku merepek.

So anyway, memandangkan adanya mereka disana, kami pon mengambil kesempatan untuk melawat. i missed Shaq like crazy. She was gone for a year. Her absence was so felt. Best kan dapat kawan macam saya? Sanggup terbang halfway around the world to see her bestfriend. *Clap*Clap* Another reason is that we got free accomodation for 2 weeks, thanks to these 2 people. Kalo duduk hotel/hostel memang sampai ke sudahla aku tak merasa ke London.

Anyway, this is how my itenerary look like:

July 3, 2009:        Depart from KLIA to Heathrow on a 10am MAS flight
July 8, 2009:        Depart from St. Pancreas, London to Gare du Nord, Paris
July 9, 2009:        Back to London! (Gare du Nord-St. Pancreas)
July11, 2009:       Roadtrip to Manchester and Liverpool!
July 12, 2009:      Roadtrip to Bath and Wiltshire (to see the Stonehenge!)
July 13-16, 2009: London!
July 16, 2009:      Depart from Heathrow to KLIA.

i'll elaborate more about my experience on the next posts.

Warning: Saya akan membebel panjang pasal trip itu. Ini adalah kerana trip itu sudah setahun berlalu dan saya mula ingat-ingat lupa tentangnya. i need to write it down before i completely forget.
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