October 4, 2013

Passport Photo

Yesterday hubby took Afif to the Immigration office to get him a passport.

He then Whatsapp-ed me this photo:

i went like "Awwwww look at those eyes, those deer-caught-in-the-light face, those lips!" and then was "Kenapaaa rambut dia camtu? Itu baju siapa?". Hehe. Adoring and criticising at the same time.

i never said this out loud (except to my husband) but i think my baby is the cutest, most handsome kid ever walked on earth. Baaahaha.. Classic mom sangat, dimana memang dia rasa anak dia lah paling comel atas dunia. Well, siapa lagi nak puji anak kalau bukan diri sendiri kan?

6 hours to go till i can gomol this face again.

p/s: we're planning to go on a vacation next Wednesday tapi flight ticket, hotel, kejadah semua tak book lagi. Baahaha..

4 comments on "Passport Photo"
  1. teefa, afif memang handsome. like my husband said- MUKA JOGHENG..Means baby with good features..hahaha

    1. haha.. thanks babe. baby kecik sume nmpk comel n hensem ye dokk.. ;)

  2. Cuteeee sgt!wehhhh bestnya g vacayyy!

    1. thanks babe.. itu ler ntah jadi idok.. semangat lebih buat passport. ape bende pon xbook lg ni haa..


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