January 12, 2017

Writer for Zalora Online Magazine

Yup.. You're reading her blog right now!


Alhamdulillah. After my sponsored-by-Zalora post last December (you can read it here), they invited me to be one of the writers for ZCOOP. i guess they like what they read! 

What is ZCOOP MY?
Basically ZCOOP MY is an online community (or online magazine) by Zalora Malaysia. They have a panel of editors and a bunch of writers who contribute articles for the online magazine. There are many topics - not just fashion- including beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment. Zcoop My is hosted at Medium.

That's my article right there! 
And my writer's profile on the right!

Honestly, i think not many people have heard of Medium or Zcoop. Nevertheless, i am thrilled to be part of their team. i take this as a platform for me to brush my writing skill and learn from others. Who knows one day i can be editor for Cosmopolitan magazine right? Bahaha. A girl can always dream.

Wish me luck, guys!

1 comment on "Writer for Zalora Online Magazine"
  1. hi there ! good luck ! guess we are in the same team ! Thats my article
    " How to Hike with your Baby" :)

    bdw just I just follow your blog ! :)


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