August 17, 2016

Two Sick Kids & An Exhausted Mama

i'm a zombie.

A real life zombie at work today.

Afif has been having super bad cough.. It's been more than 2 weeks. Kejap ok tapi kang jadi teruk balik. We brought him to the paed twice and a normal clinic once but he still coughing up a storm, especially at night. Brapa hari dah ponteng skolah.

Dhani pulak.. Batuk-batuk tu satu hal. On Monday i got a panic call while at work. SIL said Dhani is having a mild fever with rashes all over his body. i rushed home and brought him to the clinic and he's diagnosed with chicken pox. Haih mana la plak dapat chicken pox ni sayang.. keluar rumah pon jarang sebab SIL yg babysit dia kat rumah.

So back to why i'm a zombie.. i haven't been sleeping properly for the past week. Tetiap malam ade je kes anak batuk smpai muntah (and once, i had to change the bedsheet TWICE!). Semalam is the ultimatum, i guess sebab Afif batuk (thank God tak muntah) and Dhani pulak mengempeng thru the night and for some reason my boob hurts mcm kene mastitis. And for some weird reason, all these late night anak sakit always happen when my husband is on the night shift, hence why i have to deal with it alone.


i swear if i'm rich i'd take a half day leave and check in at Mandarin Oriental next door just to get a few hours of sleep. Kalau balik rumah pon takleh tido coz the kids are at home and will not leave my side.

Kesian. Tertido pas balik dari klinik. 

Chicken pox or not, masih aktif this cheeky one!

Zombie or not, alhamdulillah for my husband and sons.
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