February 12, 2016

Potty Training Afif

We didn't really have a plan for the last 4-day weekend. Mr. Chenta has to work which sucks big time, so i thought i might as well do something useful with the boys at home.

And what could be more useful than potty training Afif? 

He is 3 years 4 months already, he would tell us that he's peeing and pooping when he's in the middle of doing those and he seems to know that toilet is for pooping, peeing and showering.

So he's ready right?

Or so I thought.


Portable potty - checked!
Brief/training pants - checked! (I got him the ones with Lightning McQueen on it)
Endless energy for me - Somewhat checked
Patience. Lots of it - Err..

Day 1

We began by me explaining to him that he's gonna wear this Lightning McQueen 'spender', so he needs to tell me when he feels like shishi-ing or pooping.

"Afif tak pakai pampers tau, pampers takde.." I continued to say.

He looked at me, then at his pack of diaper by the bed, and slowly smiled "Tuu.. pa-pesh!" and pointing at his diapers. The kid is too smart for me. "Tu pampers adik.. Afif pakai spender je okay.." He just cheerfully nod like whatever, mama.

Every 15 minutes, I'd ask him if he wants to pee. He would excitedly say "shishi!" and off we go to the loo. Kene tunggu dalam 5-10 minit baru la shishi. Ada kadang tu tak shishi langsung. Lelama aku increase interval to every 20 minutes.

On that first day, 2 kali terbabas sebab aku ignore bunyi timer kat phone sebab leka buat something. Tapi terbabas dia tak la full blown pee. Dia cam dah terkucil sket, pastu dia kata, "shishi!" followed by me madly carrying him and running off to the toilet pastu dia dengan leganya kencing habis. Haha.

Lepas mandi petang aku pakaikan dia pampers. Tak larat dah nak bawak dia every 20 minutes.

Day 2

He got better in the morning. No accident whatsoever sebab every 20 minutes bawak gi toilet. I thought ok la he got the hang of it already. So aku pon tak la duduk je ngan dia. Confident tinggalkan dia and gi masak kat dapur.

Tengah masak tu tengok dia sembunyi tepi dinding sengih-sengih. Aku ingat dia ajak main hide and seek so layan la sambil masak tu. Pastu after 10 minutes tengok dia kat tepi dinding lagi. Aku dah pelik. Tetiba dia kata "Amaa... O'ok!" Tengok-tengok dia dah terberak kat situ ade poopoo dua ketul atas lantai. Haahaha. Kau tak rasa aku menjerit?

Jerit pastu gelak sebab tak sampai hati marah dia. I just emphasize again and again "Afif, nak o'ok shishi bagitau mama.. Kene pegi toilet. Kesian mama penattttt mop lantai"

In total 2 accidents on second day.

Malam aku pakaikan je pampers. Too tired to care.

Taken just before a shishi incident

Day 3

I'm proud to say that he stayed dry the whole day today yay! I still have to bring him to the toilet every 30 minutes. He still needs a few minutes to properly rasa nak kencing. We found out that singing and dancing while waiting to shishi (lagu If You're Happy and You Know it) helps to speed up the process. so bayangkan la everytime gi toilet kitorg nyanyi joget baru dia cepat kencing. haha.

Untuk mengelakkan accident, aku set timer every 30 minutes. So bila dia dengar bunyi phone, automatic dia kata shishi! dan bukak seluar gi toilet.

Malam pakai pampers jugak.

Day 4

I decided I've had enough these past 3 days potty training Afif sorang. Penat kot!! Tunggu next weekend la Mr. Chenta ade boleh la gilir-gilir bawak gi toilet.

Aku pakaikan je dia pampers dari pagi. He looks confused la jugak. Even with diaper on, dia akan announce shishi and ajak gi toilet tapi aku ckp takpe shishi je dalam pampers. The moment I knew I sorta nailed it when he said o'ok and refuse to poo with the diaper on. Mr. Chenta bawak dia gi potty, berak dalam tu.

Like jyeah!

So there you have it. My not-so-successful potty training experience. Nasib baik bila start haritu aku memang didn't have any expectation. Aku tak harap pon after 4 days dia terus pandai gi jamban sendiri takde accident bagai. So aku tak la hampa or stress ke ape. In fact aku rasa dia nak guna potty utk berak tu pon cukup bagus. So will continue this coming weekend dengan harapan aku bertenaga lah nak layan. Haha.

We'll go slow.

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