October 6, 2011

HIV Test Done!

Life's been hectic lately.

Between Jakarta wedding shopping, work, Penang girlfriends getaway, Linda's Hen Party and the bootcamp, i can barely find time for myself, let alone to blog.

i'm exhausted.

On another note, wedding progress is good so far. Yesterday we took the HIV test!

 This is it!

 Paid and done.

Alhamdulillah, we're AIDS-free!

Yeay boleh kawen!

Took the test at Klinik Kesihatan Setiwangsa (or was it Keramat?). The process was smooth. i just wish there aren't that much forms to be filled. Ada borang survey tabiat hidup lah, borang kehamilan lah, and borang HIV test itself.

The thing that i love about this clinic is that it does not only do HIV test. They take your blood sample and did sugar level, cholestrol level, Thallasemia, blood pressure, and God-knows-what-else tests. The test is complete. i finally got to know our Thallasemia status (i was so scared if we both have Thallasemia.. Alhamdulillah that's not the case). We were given advices on how to live healthy (my sugar level was slightly high, Mr. Chenta's BMI is above average and he's ordered to stop smoking *evil grin*).

So.. HIV test done. Now to proceed with kebenaran kahwin for Mr. Chenta and lepas tu cari kadi for my side.

Tak sabar nak kawen!

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