July 18, 2011

What Bootcamp Taught Me

Since i went for the ass surgery, i couldn't go to Original Bootcamp (OBC) sessions. Doctor's advice; no high intensity activities for at least a month.

Fearing for my just-cut ass, i obeyed. No jogging, no bootcamping, no gymming. It's been exactly 25 days since my last OBC session.

i feel terrible. i miss the muscle aches. i miss the instructor's shouting. i miss seeing Hamim sweat like a pig. i miss wondering "what's next?". i miss OBC.

People ask "So what did you get from OBC?"

Here's my point-of-view on OBC..

1) i didn't shed any kgs. My weight is still the same.
   - i'm not gonna lie to you. i thought i'd lose weight by joining, but NO. My weight's still the same. i'm still fat.

2) But i lose a few cm..
   - not much la.. But a few cm on my belly and thigh are gone.. Sikiiiiittttttt je.. A lot more to lose!

3) My fitness level increase
   - Prove: my time was 10 minutes 39 seconds on the first fitness test. On my second one, i managed to finish at 10 minutes! Hooyah!
   - i can run 5km in 34 minutes at Ekiden Run. My usual time was 30 minutes for 3.9km run.
   - During my recent geological fieldwork, we had to hike uphill. i didn't feel tired during or after the hike. Heck, i don't even feel the muscle pain afterwards!
   - Do i need to brag more? :p

4) i became more careful of what i eat
   - i'm not the dieting type. i eat whatever i want. But after joining OBC, the thought of eating nasik lemak for dinner after 100 push-ups makes me lose my appetite. Ko dah penat-penat burn calorie, apsal nak tambah lagi?

5) i became a little bit more muscle-y
  - Otot di peha dan betis sudah memejal. Tak se-flabby dulu. Perot je susah benor nak memejal. Hadoiii..

6) i challenge myself more
  - i found that when i'm tired of running or doing the squats, my inner voice would say "Come on, bitch! Just a bit more. That girl dah buat 20 kali takkan ko nak buat 17 kali je?"

7) i made friends.. Lots of them.
  - People from all kinds of age groups, professions and companies join OBC. So i made friends. When you feel like dying doing the burpees, a stranger's motivating words somehow motivates you to try harder.

Errr.. Yeah, that's all the points that i can think of right now. My only regret is that i didn't join sooner. i'm gonna start a new OBC session right after Ramadhan. Gotta work these muscles. Wish me luck!

p/s: Memang tak la berehat sebulan after surgery. During my fieldwork i hiked uphill, i swam, i ran, i jumped around.. Alhamdulilah ass is still intact. Takde jahitan tercabut :p
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