June 18, 2011

Original Bootcamp : Session 5 and 6

i have this perception that Tuesdays' session is far more challenging than Thursday's session. In my 3 weeks of bootcamp, that is my observation.

This week is no exception. Session 5 on Tuesday wore me down. We had to do 4-minute long exercises. 4 minutes of forward lunges, 4 minutes of monkey walk, 4 minutes of gorilla walk (is that what it's called?), four minutes of push ups, and four minutes of every pain-in-the-thighs moves there are in the world.

Session 6 was fun as it was a bring-a-friend day. i didnt bring just a friend. i brought THREE friends. Abang Isnin, Mariah and Chuna. Huhu.  We did mainly stationary exercises in session 6. Abs exercises with Corporal Olga and lower body exercises with Corporal Hafiz. We finished it with a team-based exercise by doing a hundred burpees.

After 6 sessions of bootcamp, i don't think i lose any kgs. But i definitely see a few slight changes in my body; i'm fitter (tak lah senang mengah), more aware of the food that i eat (hello ko dah buat close to 100 push up and you wanna waste that by eating nasik lemak ayam goreng for dinner? No thanks.), and i can feel that my body is a little tiny bit toner now (especially kat peha dan lengan, thanks to those squats and push ups). Perasaan je la kan. Ntah fitter and toner ke idok.

i have another 2 sessions to go. Will definitely sign up for July. HOOYAH!!
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