June 5, 2011

Original Bootcamp KLCC: Session One and Two

Session One

So after my first session at Original Bootcamp KLCC, i'm still ALIVE!

i'm not gonna lie to you.. it's not easy. It's almost hard actually.

For warm-up, we were seperated into two groups. Their warm-up is not our usual before-futsal warm up. Theirs involve moves like squatting, sumo steps, knee-up runs, lunges and heel-up runs. Agak mengah disitu kalau dah lama tak workout.

Next came the fitness test.

This was a nightmare.

The instruction was to do 20 reps squats, run until you see the yellow cone, come back, do 15 reps of push-up, run to the yellow cone again, come back and do burpees, run and come back. The results are based on your time. The shorter time you take, the fitter you are.

Squatting was an easy peasy job for me, i was one of the first to finish (bragging, i know) then off i ran. i thought the cone was like 50 meters away so i sprinted like a kid. Then i ran, ran and ran, i still couldn't see the cone. Rupanya kon itu is like 300 meters away. 300 freaking meters! Sudah mengah disitu (did i mention i HATE jogging?). Turn back and got down to do my push ups. 

Now, push ups are one of the things that i hate the most because i never get it right. At this point, i started to feel dizzy. i felt like giving up. 

Done with push-ups, i half-walk-half-ran to the cone and back. i felt like stopping and walk. But i kept on running. Now down to do my burpees. Burpees adalah susah ya Rabbi apabila ko mengah, sakit perut, and dizzy. Managed to finish off 10 reps and ran to the cone. At this point i mostly walked. Malas dah nak lari.

 OBC fitness test.
(More or less like this la)
Images are compiled from Google image.

In the end, i managed to finish in 10 minutes 39 seconds. Okay la timing ni. Average. Ade newbie ni finished at 8-ish minutes. Terer gilaa. Ade jugak yang finished at 14-ish minutes. Ikot kemampuan masing-masing. Tiada paksaan.

Lepas habis buat fitness test ni memang rasa cam nak koma je. Dizzy plus nausea, plus lutut ketaq.. Terbaik la weh.

Session Two

Came Thursday, i was half dreading it and half excited for my second session of Bootcamp. Dreading it coz my legs are still sore from first session

Surprisingly, compared to Session One, Session Two was easy peasy. We had to jog and side jog for warm-up.

Then we were divided into two groups; Alpha and Beta and were paired with a partner with same level of fitness. 

We did partner-exercises like squats, one-legged squats, errrr...Spiderman moves and gave each other piggy-back rides. At this point, i feel sorry for my partner. She's slightly smaller than me, meaning i'm slightly heavier than her. And she has to carry me on her back... And she did it for two rounds. Superwoman, this girl.

So yeah, Session Two is more bearable than Session One.

Can't wait to find out what Session Three has in store for us!
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