January 10, 2011

Suku Abad!

-Ini adalah entry birthday terlewat-

Folks, i'm officially an old lady. i turned 25 on December 24, 2010.

25! OMG!

When i was younger (let's say 18) i always think that 25 is old. Like when people told me, "Akak tahun ni 25 dah umur" and i'll be like "Yikesssss 25? That's old!"

Little did i know that someday, me, this young me, would turn 25 too!


To be honest, i don't feel any difference being 25. i'm still me. My hair's still black and wavy (no grey hair...YET!). i haven't broken any bones. My family still manja-manja kan diri ini (i have a confession: i like it SO much bila nenek korekkan telinga saya). i still play masak-masak with my cousins dan still gadoh-gadoh ngan adik2 macam dolu-dolu. i still lompat-lompat and dance around the house. Wrinkles are not too visible..YET!

i think the only difference is that i don't like going out (keluar rumah bererti spending money, i love my money too much to be spent on parking and shopping), and going out at night is so overrated (like baik aku dok rumah diam-diam, tengok tv, and tido) as much as i liked it.

Gosh, i never thought i'd like to stay at home instead of keluar berjimba di tengah crowd yang gempak.

Anyway, 2010 birthday was spent low-key with my girls.

i don't know how many times i said this but Ya Allah, i'm so grateful for the sweetest girlfriends you have given me. Please give them endless happiness and good health, because they deserve it for being a nice friend to a crazy girl like me.

Linda took me to an early birthday celebration at Tony Roma's Pavillion. Joined by Butet and Jiah. Surprisingly the ribs tak sesedap dulu. Or was it because i think Meatworks' ribs are better?

 Couple of the night. Cepat lah kawen hoiii!

 Jiah Claus!

Caution:  Hungry girls!

 Hasil selepas pemakanan

 It snowed at Pavillion that night, seperti menyambut harijadi ku..

 Kami kenyang kami happy!

December 24 fell on a Friday. My bestie Shaq sanggup amek annual leave to spend the day with me!! Kan aku dah cakap kawan-kawan aku sweet. Terharu sangat. We did crazy things that day. Sanggup gerak gi Melaka at 11am, just to have lunch makan asam pedas Melaka, and drove back after lunch as we have spa appoinment. Buttttttt.. Things didn't go as planned. Mane la kitorang tau jalan gi Melaka adalah jammed tahap dewa dengan beratus-ratus traffic light nyer. Sampai Melaka at almost 2pm, makan, pastu hujan lebat selebatnye. We were stucked at the restaurant. Tapi sempat berlari ke medan-selera-cum-uptown kat depan restoran tu (Padang Pahlawan ke eh tempat tu?), kami sempat shopping (accessories murahhhhh!!! Cincin besar2 tu RM10 for 2!), tapi tak sempat to make it to the spa at 4.30pm. Maka, last resortnye kitorang gi Thai massage je kat Thai Odyssey. i don't care i want to be pampered jugakkk on my birthday.

 Bestie cum my part time driver cum counsellor cum fashion adviser cum shopping buddy!


 Bangunan Madonna! Haha!

 The Stadhuy's

 Muzium Samudera

 Diorang punya parking tiket adalah seperti gores-dan-menang!

We had asam pedas ikan pari, masak lemak daging salai, sayur kacang panjang, dan lobster masak lemak!

After our massage session, we met up with Shaf to have birthday dinner! i craved for Monte's lobster and steak thingy that Shaf had for her birthday, so to Monte's, BSC we went! Nothing too over-the-top. Gossip, talk, and makan-makan session with my two besties. Ahhhh... Bliss!

 My Lobster with Beef Steak thingy. 
Delish tapi lobster je abes sebab kenyang sangat nak abeskan beef itu..

 Brownie pengganti birthday cake. Heeeeee!

Gambar bertiga tiada dalam kamera saya. Shaf and Shaq ni, kalau aku mintak lagi sploh tahun lah baru dapat. Haishhh!

All in all, it was a great day indeed. Spent it low-key with the closest friends. To Linda, Shaq, and Shaf.. Thanks for the beautiful day. Jugak kepada Butet and Jiah and to all of you who kindly gave me birthday wishes. Sayang korang!

Hurmmm.. Looking at this photos, you can notice that Mr. Chenta is not here kan? It's because he's currently visiting his parents in Kuching. Balik kampung yaw!! Sebulan! Sampai miss birthday gf sendiri. Takpe, i ni understanding orangnye. Dier kat KL 11 bulan, balik sane 1 bulan je. Nanti dier balik tau la aku ketuk la dier macam-macam adiah besday! MUAHAHAHAHA!! *evil laugh*

Until December 24, 2011.. i'm officially a 25-year-young woman!

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  1. 25-year-young woman...huhuhu...'woman' sounds matured...teefa love,homely - haha, i like that 'inesen'ness of you...same here :)


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