September 22, 2010


Hari ini saya tak berapa sihat.

i can't sleep for the past 4 nights, my nose can't seem to 'unblock' itself, batuk-batuk, and migraine.

To make things worse, i was wheezing last night. Seems like asthma. Ya Allah, tolong la jangan datang balik asthma. I had very bad asthma when i was little. Sampai tahap makan ubat and pakai asthma pump tu takde effect dah. Papa had to put the oxygen gas machine thingy in the house coz i need it everytime asthma attacks. Lucky for me, the asthma magically disappeared when i was about 16. So memang tanak dah kene asthma balik! Nauzubillah.

So anyway i went to the doctor and got tons of asthma meds, and an MC. i need rest, he said. And my insomnia is not helping at all.

Hurm... i realized that i get sick easily. Maybe i should start taking supplements. Vitamin C ke?

Found this movie trailer in YouTube. Macam comel je citer ni:

Life As We Know It

i'm a sucker for babies and romantic comedy. i soooooo wanna watch!!
Dunno when it'll be out in Malaysian theatre though.

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