September 21, 2010

Family Day Out

On the 7th day of Raya my family had nothing better to do. They decided to raid KLCC, the Skybridge to be exact! (Skybridge is the bridge that connects the Petronas Twin Towers).

Yeah, why not? It's Malaysia Day and the Twin Towers is one of Malaysia's many national treasures right?

There were eleven of us. Two aunties, one uncles, five girls and three boys. Nasib baik la tak runtuh KLCC tu..

Menunggu giliran

Briefing room!

The Skybridge

 Tidak sah tanpa gambar lompat-lompat kan?

OK, a decent picture

One of the views

Ok, get out now. Shoh, shoh!

Afterwards, the aunties decided that the Skybridge visit is not enough. They want karaoke! The kids want it too.. So we went to Wangsa Walk. Selalu karoks ngan kawan je. This time karoks ngan orang tua and budak-budak. Teehehehee.

 Menunggu giliran lagi

Okay, sempat posing!

Jangan taktau, si budak kecik Inaz ni syok gler menyanyi sampai tak lepas langsung mic petang tu!

 Semangat tak dier nyanyi???
Even lagu rock kapak yang dier tak tau pon selambe je baca kat skrin.. Lagu-lagu yang dier tau lagi la menyanyi dengan semangat nye!
Rase comel sangat.. Hehe!
Itulah dier cerita hari Raya ke-7..It's real good spending time with family. Update each other on life, jobs, kids, shopping.. The girls are growing up so aku suke tanye pasal gosip sekolah and boy crushes (terkenang zaman sekolah dolu-dolu. Hehe). Then laugh at each other silliness dan ketidak-sedapan suara masing-masing!

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