May 26, 2017

Back on (the Fitness) Track

When i was a school kid, i've always wanted to be the cool girl when i grow up.. You know like the ones in Hollywood movies who are always put-together; with a stable career, fabulous wardrobe, hot body, a loving partner, glamorous life with red carpet events and a gym membership.

Remember this movie? Elle Woods who is put-together, career as a lawyer, fab wardrobe, HOT BODY, handsome boyfriend, glam life and gym membership.
In a version of me in my head, i'm all these with less pink stuff, no pet and a brunette.

Fast forward to 6 years ago, alhamdulillah, even though i don't have it ALL, but i have a gym membership. Hahaha. And i made sure i go to the gym at least 3 times a day. 

Oh yes, i remember the thrill and rush i felt when i go for workout sessions at the gym. Going to yoga, pilates, kickboxing and RPM classes. Exchanged look with sweaty hot guys. And in the locker room, staring jealously at the women's rock solid abs.

Not only that, a few months before my wedding, i joined a bootcamp nearby my office. One-hour session twice a week of pure torture. i remember the pain in my arms, abs and ass after each session and i remember being addicted to the pain. THAT much effort made me careful with what i eat. Apa guna 50 push up dan beratus kalori terbakar pastu makan pulak nasik lemak ayam kan?

Believe it or not, before i became a mother that was my life. i was quite an active person.

i know it's not an excuse but being a mother really takes a lot of me. Ever since i got pregnant with Afif in January 2012, i didn't work out. Ye lah lepas dah beranak, masuk keje pastu setiap hari nak bergegas balik sebab tak cukup bekalan susu ibu kat rumah. Nak pulak badan maintain pre-pregnancy weight idok ler rasa perlu nak workout bagai. Tak sempat wean off, pregnant plak with Dhani. Lagi la tak bersenam. i admit i missed being active but running after my boys are workout enough for me.

 Me now. One toddler on hips running after a preschooler on the loose.

Sehingga lah sekarang. Baru sedar diri.

Starting from January 2016 after my unpaid leave ended and i return to work, i notice my weight gradually increased. Masuk keje dengan pre-pregnancy weight. Now i have gained 7kgs in total weh. Ye la seronok tetiap hari makan dengan kawan-kawan.

Back then i never let my weight reach 55kg. Now it's a hard battle not to let it reach 60kgs.

i know we should never let the number of the scale to determine our fitness and body figure tapi bila seluar yang dulunya longgar dah jadi ketat, sila paham-paham sendiri la ye.


People talk about carb-free diet like Atkins. i know that's not for me because i'm a breastfeeding mom. i need sufficient calorie intake to ensure Dhani gets Mama's milk. And i love food so i'm not ready to sacrifice that.

i considered liposuction but my husband said NO.

The other option is to get physical.

The cheapest way is to go running at the park. i started running in October last year. i made sure i run at least twice a week. Sometimes when the kids are napping or when my husband is home, i go for a run during the weekend. Usually i spend around 20 minutes per session, running for about 2.5km. Man, it feels so good. Heart pumping, spending time outside and see the world. i even joined Orchid Run last year, running for 5km. i notice my weight hasn't really dropped. Sekilo je la kalau ade pon but my pants feel a bit looser.

Makin lama makin demotivated sebab apsal aku tak kurus-kurus weh?

So since last April i stepped up my game a bit. i started going back to the gym!


It all started when the rainy season hit KL. i cannot run in the park so i go run on the threadmill at the gym (free membership by the employer, bless them!). But i hate running on treadmills because the time seems to be ticking so slowly.

So guys, i started to go to cardio kickboxing and zumba classes!

Nowadays my schedule looks like this: 
- Tuesday and Thursday: one hour Zumba session after work. Organized by Petronita woohoo!
- Friday : cardio kickboxing class at lunchtime

Recently i tried a Zumba class at the gym on Monday noon and it was awesome too! So i might make that a permanent. So bye-bye lunchtime get-together!

Speaking of Zumba, oh God i love Zumba! i can't believe all these time i never thought of trying Zumba. i love that it doesn't feel like a workout - it feels like you're dancing. So i dance, dance, dance during these sessions. Our instructor, Hannah Kamal is a beautiful lady with a lean, hot body. Looking at her is like looking at a dream body that i couldn't have.

All these activities look like a lot but sadly i haven't lost any kgs yet WHICH IS SO FRUSTRATING OH MY GOD!

Ko bayangkan 3-4 kali bersenam seminggu tapi tak kurus-kurus sape tak stress weh. Memang meroyan. Husband and the Sisthurs have been reasoning with me that maybe lemak dah cair but you're gaining muscle but whatever lah kan. My pants are still tight at the ass. So you guys are wrong!

But i'm trying to keep positive. Maybe i didn't reduce my calorie intake. Maybe i take too much carbs. Maybe 2 months are not sufficient to see results yet. So i'm gonna keep trying to get my pre-Dhani weight back.

It's really a struggle. When i was in my twenties, diet or workout seminggu dua dah nampak kurus. La ni habuk pon tadak! It's true what they say; aging sucks!

Wish me luck, guys!

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