March 21, 2017

March 2017 is the Month for Afif

i officially dedicate the month of March 2017 to my eldest son, Afif Haiqal.

It's a big month for him as on 7th of March, he underwent his second cochlear implantation surgery. This time, in his left ear. 

If you're my friend or my existing blog reader, you would know that Afif is deaf from birth. He has cochlear implant (CI) on his right ear and hearing aid on his left ear to help him hear and speak. Alhamdulillah, he now can speak in 3-4 word sentences but his speech pronouncation is not as clear as kids his age. He is still pelat and his speech development is equivalent to 3 year old kids. So much catching up to do!

Last year, through series of tests, we found out that his hearing in the left ear had worsen and hearing aid can not help him to hear well. Thus, the ENT specialist and speech therapist suggested him to get CI on his left ear as well.

Alhamdulillah, the expenses of the surgery and its external device (almost RM90k) was funded by my employer. i am forever grateful for that and will stay loyal to this company forever #darahhijau

Alhamdulillah the surgery went well and the implant will be switched on this Thrusday. i can't wait for Afif's new ear!

i will tell you more about the experience of his first and second CI surgery in the next post.

My strong boy.
In the operation theater, just before his surgery.
A day after surgery.
Can smile, can play already.

Aside from that, for the first time ever i was invited as a forum panelist representing parents of deaf kids at UKM. The forum is about rehabilitation in community for disabled people and was held to help UKM students in various courses to better understand the needs of OKU children. 

It was an honor to be invited among the experts; Dr. Sazlina from Permata Kurnia, Miss Angie from KIWANIS, and Cikgu Ros from Sekolah Pendidikan Kiu. i learnt a lot from the forum.

During the forum.

March is ending soon. Time flies so fast isn't it?

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