July 31, 2015


I think forgot to mention this but i currently am a full time stay at home mom.


Haritu lepas habis maternity leave, aku masuk opis jap. I am now no longer Petronas' staff. I'm a Petronas Carigali staff now. To an outsider mesti korang macam "pape je la ko ni. Same je la petronas ke pcsb ke.." Haha but for me it marks a new era in my career. Wah gitu.

Tapi tak sempat pon keje kat tempat baru, i decided to take a 6-month unpaid leave. Afif was scheduled for his cochlear implant surgery in end of June (which then postponed, will tell more in seperate entry), and after that, a whole new episode for him to re-learn hearing, listening and speaking will take place. His doctor and therapist strongly suggest a parent to be full time at home to achieve great improvement in his hearing and speech. 

I love being a career woman (dah la i'm due for a job promotion) but being a wife and a mother is my topmost priority now. Working for a better future for my son is more important than climbing the corporate ladder. InshaAllah rezeki untuk itu akan menyusul nanti.

For now, THIS is my life. 

Aku start cuti on the third week of June. Lepak je 2 weeks and on 10th July, Afif undergo his surgery.

Kalau dulu aku ngadu penat jadi SAHM jaga Afif sorang, boleh bayangkan tak penat jaga Afif AND Dhani serentak? Haha. But surprisingly aku tak la tekejot sgt mcm first time amek unpaid leave dulu. Mainly because i'm used to looking after Dhani and Afif in my 2 months of maternity leave. Masuk keje seminggu je pon pastu cuti balik. So dah macam in tune dan ada rutin. 

CI Afif belom switch on lagi, so he's hearing with his hearing aid on the left ear, right ear belom mendengar. InshaAllah next Monday switch on. A new era for Afif will begin.

Sekarang aku still relek2 je. Anak-branak bangon pagi kol 10 (kadang kol 12 pon ada. Haha). Nanti dah switch on kene all out la and spent at least an hour a day doing structured play with him. 

Wish me luck, peeps!

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