June 9, 2014

Halfway Around The World

Last two weeks my husband came home from work and told me an unusual news; he has to go outstation. 

Unusual because in his line of work, there's rarely chance to travel. 

Naturally i was excited for him. He, on the other hand, was not. He's worried about Afif and i as he's supposed to take a long time off work to look after Afif. Dia kata kesian nanti aku kene jaga Afif sorang. 

Bless my husband for being selfless.

We talked about it. I assured him that we'll be okay. He can cuti after the trip. We'll manage. This is a good opportunity for his career development and he should just take it. Go! Dont worry, go.

After lots of convincing, baru dia okay and excited nak gi. 

At work, i found myself typing "how to survive long distance marriage" into Google search. So much for being a strong, independent wife.

And the guessing game began..

Where would he be posted?

Brasil? Lagos? Algeria? Equador? Jeddah?

For how long? A month? Whattt kene extend 3 bulan?

When will he leave? This week? Next week? Sempat ke lepas wedding adik adik aku?

He left this morning.

Tentatively for 3 weeks. God forbid it'll be extended. Please, no. 

Memang next weekend dia takda la masa wedding adik adik aku.


This is the first time we've been apart for this long since getting married. Needless to say, i'm feeling lost. 

He has not even yet reached his destination and i already am missing him like crazy.

As for Afif.. Takda perasaan pon masa hantar daddy dia pagi tadi. Sibok main escalator (-____-)

I can only pray that he's always safe from harm, under the Almighty's guidance and care. Semoga takde flight attendants or hot Latina kat sana ngorat dia ke ape. Semoga i am given the strength to look after my never-out-of-energy-and-banyak-akal toddler. Semoga cepat boleh jumpa.


P/s: kalo outstation London/Paris/Australia memang aku amek je cuti panjang ikot dia ke sana. 
4 comments on "Halfway Around The World"
  1. wow lama tu babe. i pernah pun 10 hari je tu pun stakat sabah...hahaha. anyway when u said guessing games tu maksudnya lepas 3 weeks kalau dorang boleh extend sesuka hati ke? whoaaa...bertabahlah

    1. tu la babe. setakat dua hari ni ok tak meroyan lagi. harap kekal waras smpai dia balik haha..
      guessing game before gi haritu sebab taktau brapa lama dan dimana kene hantar. 2 hari before gi baru diorg bgtau.. huhu

  2. jadi, ni outstation ke mana?


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