December 26, 2013



i turned 28.

Tiba-tiba dah 28 tahun. Rasa macam minggu lepas tunggu bas kat bus stop UMS lepas kelas. Macam semalam baru report duty nak masuk keje. Haih.

When i was younger, i was afraid of growing up. Afraid to lose my playfulness, my freedom and my youth. Afraid of being an adult.

Fast forward to now. Yes, responsibility and commitment replace playfulness. Being a wife and a mother replace being reckless and being free. My once-youthful face now has fine lines.

But guess what?

i have also learnt that none of that matters.

i'm still playful especially when i'm around kids and my husband.
The responsibility and commitment that i was so scared of? They give me stable income, a house, a car and what i need to live comfortably.
Being a wife and mother made me realize the happiness that shopping, traveling, and going out till late give you is nothing compared to the happiness of waking up to your husband and baby next to you. And those stolen kisses and toothy grins.
i have accepted that my face and body will sag and get wrinkly but we always have SKII, all those magic portions and cardio workouts to help us stay young and healthy.


i am in a happy place. Life is not perfect but i am content with what i have.

Syukran ya Allah.

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