Monday, November 18, 2013

Four Letter Word

Afif demam since malam tadi. Penangan kene MMRV jab haritu kot.

Golek-golek ngan dia atas katil. Penat dah layan dia tatih. Merengek la dia tak sedap badan campur nak ajak main.


"Mmmm.. Hmmm.. Abummm..  Mama!"

*i stopped breathing*



Loud and clear. 

The four-letter word i've been longing to hear him say.


You have no idea how excited i was.  Danced and laughed and baaahahaha. And i asked him to say it again. 

"Mama. Afif, say mama.."

He just looked at me, smiling.

"Mama.. Afif, mama.."

Sengih je dia.

Oh well. Maybe he said that unintentionally but he said it. I'm sure with more practice and constant wear of hearing aid, he'll get a hold of it.

Good job Afif! Mama and daddy are so proud of you.

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