September 9, 2013

What We Talk About In The Mother's Room

*post ini ada sedikit unsur 18 SX*

Lama tak berbelog. Rindu. But i've been busy these past weeks and will keep busy for another 2 weeks. Nanti cerita. 

Anyway, ni tengah kat office's Mother's Room. A tiny weeny room with a mini fridge that can accomodate maximum of 4 mothers to pump/express breast milk. Walopon kecik, alhamdulillah, ada jugak kemudahan. Paling best, boleh kenal other mothers.

Selalu kalo ada ibu lain yang mengepam, ade je nak diborakkan. Mainly pasal anak masing masing lah kan. 

But today we talked about family planning and sex. 

Ada yang pakai depo shot. Ada yang pakai kondom. So far kami semua takot dengan IUD. 

Mummy A stopped taking depo shot because a recent bone density test gave result that she has osteoporosis. Even her mom's bone condition is better than hers. Lesson learnt here: mothers, especially nursing mothers and those who opt for depo provera shot, please supplement yourself with calcium pill! We lost calcium during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mari lah memperkayakan kalsium dalam badan. Siapa lg nak jaga kita kalau bukan kita sendiri.

And then we talked about how different sex is after having child/children. 

Mummy K wondered aloud "Is it because i still have not gotten my period (since giving birth) that i have no sexual desire? Kadang tu berlakon je depan suami. Padahal tak nak langsung!" 

Mummy R said "Ntah la.. But for me, i tak nak sebab penat. Siang keje, balik jaga anak.. Kalo tak penat, bernafsu je.." 

Mummy Y pulak cakap "Tu korang baru anak satu.. Cuba anak 2-3 and dah besar pandai bercakap pulak.. Takde masa pulak tu." 

"tu lah.. Dah la anak tido sekatil. Ada skali ni, i suruh husband i 'cepat lahh' sbb takot anak terjaga. Haha" said Mummy R.

"Sama lah. Siap boleh tepuk anak lagi tanak bg jaga haha.." replied Mummy K

Sigh. This is the reality of sex life after having a baby. Your horny, just-married, let's-experiment-everything, do-it-like-rabbits sexual desire seems so distant. I admit i'm one of the mommies mentioned above. Sex is beautiful, we just have to find the time and energy for it. Itu jugak adalah fitrah manusia kan? I have a few friends who admitted that they refuse it even when husband asks for it. While i dont agree with that (because you know how men are with sex) i understand why women dont want it. Penat. No desire. Hormonal. Etc. 

Mari lah sama sama we strive for a better sex life. For a better marriage. Find the energy. Minom kacip fatimah or whatever method that works. I am no expert but everyday we learn, right?

Lagipon, itu kan salah satu nikmat berkahwin? *wink*

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