February 13, 2013

Juggling it All

i'd be lying if i say things don't change once the baby came in the picture. Of course life changes. i know i change.

Before Afif was born, i promised my friends that i will NOT be the kind of friend who shut her friends out once she became a mother. i went like "Tengok dia tuu.. Sejak beranak tak nampak langsung batang hidung. Seriously babes, i won't be like that. i'm gonna be THE cool mom.. And we'll still have our annual gfs gateaway!" and between Mr. Chenta and i, we promised to have date nights, dine out and watch movies together.. Just us.

Cakap senang.. Now that i'm a mom i'm trying so hard to fulfill those promises.

i'm telling you, it ain't easy! Here's why:

- Hubster and i have this policy: we can go out with friends as long as one of us would stay at home and watch the baby. Tapiiiii suami saya tu adalah bekerja syif. Dia kerja 4 days, pastu dapat 4 days off. Dia punya 4 days off ni tak di-gerenti jatuh pada weekends. So we have to plan our outings in advance coz i can't go out when he's working. Kalau nasib baik, dapat la kuar lama sket on weekend. Nasib tak baik, girlfriends and i have to make do on weeknights dinner. But still, it's something.

- Alhamdulillah Afif is fully breastfed. i'm grateful for that but it means i have limited time to be away from him. Seperti yang telah diceritakan di post ini, stok susu kat rumah tak banyak. So kalau keluar, kene bajet brapa banyak susu nak tinggalkan. Pastu bila keluar asyik teringat cukup kah susu yang dicairkan tadi? Kadang tu dalam kereta during girlfriends outing pon aku ngepam nak ganti balik susu haha

- Kalau kami laki bini nak keluar dating pon sebenarnya boleh je.. Sebab Wan does not mind looking after Afif. Tapi kene jugak la plan. Takleh la dating tetiap hari pastu biar Wan jaga anak. Hamboi hamboi hamboi..! Our plan is to have date nights at least once a month. So far so good. Kalo keluar berdua tu rasa best sangat macam mula-mula couple dulu. Hihi

Currently my success rate is 50%. Berjaya jugak gi karaoke ngan As, shopping and makan outings with my single girlfriends, dates with hubby.. Tapi ada jugak gfs session that i missed out sebab kene jaga anak. Oh well, we can't have it all kan?

To my baby husband, thanks for being an awesome dad, an amazing husband and an understanding friend. i can never ask for a better life partner. Even when i'm away, this guy can manage it ; mandikan Afif, bagi susu, tidokan.. How did i get so lucky?

Our most recent dimsum and shopping night out. It was unplanned. Thank God husband was okay with it. 

Afif's first time attending a wedding. Tapi dia takda dalam gambar sebab tido dalam stroller haha

p/s: i have an upcoming girlfriends gateaway with my besties. i'm so looking forward to it but at the same time dreading the thought of being away from my baby for 4 days *cringe*

p/s lagi: sometimes i can't help but feeling like a bad mom leaving my son and have fun with my friends. Please tell me i'm not a bad mom. i mean, mothers deserve some me time too, right?

p/s lagi lagi: Mohd Idzwan Asyraff, i LOVE you.

2 comments on "Juggling it All"
  1. no u're not a bad mom.we as a mom must have at least 1 day time off.kalo x,penat oiii.but u r so lucky babe your husband helps alot! :)
    aku x berani nk tgglkan Safiyya kt laki aku. Mmg kena ada mak aku.hehehe

    1. Thanks for saying that babe. Mmg leh gila gak la kalo tak keluar bergosip ngan kawan2 kan.. Haha alu pon blom penah tggalkan afif berdua dgn dedinya je. Kalo tak, kalut gak laki aku haha


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