November 7, 2012

Day 28: Afif on the Bottle!

Today is the first time i breastpump. It also marks the day we tried to feed Afif using the bottle.

First attempt did not work. He seemed confused when the teat is in his mouth. Pastu nanges lalu pusing-pusing kepala cari nenen mamanya. Kesian. Mamanya pon bagi la susu badan.

Later in the evening hubby and i tried again. He kinda refused at first. We dropped a few drop of milk in his mouth. Gradually, he accepted and began to suck. Lepas tu dia minom smpai la abes 1oz. Pastu hubby tarik botol takot perot kecik dia takleh terima banyak-banyak susu.

Truthfully, saya berasa agak sedih dan emo sebab what if he likes the bottle more that he wouldnt want to direct breastfeed? What if he doesnt need me anymore? Sedih bila fikir camtu. But this is for the best. Better ajar dia guna botol dari sekarang. Nanti senang mama nk gi kerja. Daddy pon suka coz dah ada chance nak feed the baby. Bonding katanya.

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