April 26, 2012

First Trimester: Symptoms and Experience

Finding Out That We're Expecting

We weren't on any family planning. We are not rushing to be parents either.  We're more like "Kalau ada, alhamdulillah. Kalau takda, cuba lagi" Proses buat anak kan best.. Hikhik.

In early February, people have been saying that i lost weight, i look pale, i look cengkung, nampak tak sihat, nampak lembik, yada, yada, yada.. Bak kata As, "Ko nampak macam janda gila!" Yes, i have not been feeling well. Tapi tak pulak demam ke apa. Just tired, sleepy and hungry all the time. Of course, i didn't suspect anything.

On 22nd February, terdetik pulak "Ntah-ntah aku pregnant". Bought a home pregnancy test and on the next day, took the test at home and it is POSITIVE! 

i was excited and scared at the same time. My first thought was "Ya Allah, macam mana nak beranak? Sakittttt!"

Sebab dah lama beli tiket, malam tu jugak pergi concert Evanescence Live in KL. Selamat tau awal, tak lah saya melompat cam orang gila kat konsert tu. Kalau tak... Tatau lah apa jadi.

Morning Sickness and Other Symptoms

At first, it was an easy and happy pregnancy. Aside from the breast tenderness (hubby was not allowed to touch!), i eat all the time, but at the same time i lost weight. i feel tired all the time and the best part is, kol 10 malam dah golek-golek atas katil tunggu masa nak tido! No more insomnia.

Middle of week 5, i started to have morning, day and night sickness. Oh God, it was horrible! i can't eat in the morning, i don't have appetite. Take lunch at noon and throw up 1-3 times. At night was worst. Muntah, muntah dan muntah. Pening kepala toksah nak cakap.

Aside from that, frequent urination also accompanies pregnancy. Kalau malam dah tido tu 2-4 kali jugak la bangun gi kencing.

Morning sickness tahap teruk ini dialami pada mid of week 5 sampai lah around week 11. Start minggu ke-11 tu, dah kurang sikit. Mual-mual ada tapi tak lah teruk muntah. Seminggu 2-3 kali je muntah.

Entering week 12, i had a pretty bad stomach cramp. Sakit macam period pain. Ada satu malam ni sakit sangat sampai terjaga dari tidur. Sampai nangis. Sakit perut sampai sakit tulang belakang. Doctor said cramping is normal, as long as there's no spotting or bleeding. Cramping is caused by expansion of the uterus to make more room for the baby. Back pain is caused by the joints around pelvic area are loosened, to accommodate your growing baby and uterus.
High Fever on 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

i wasn't so lucky on week 8 though. i had high fever followed by rashes all over my body. i was so scared because i thought it was dengue. Time tu fikir baby je. Ok kah baby, boleh survive kah? Sebab demam semasa mengandung boleh efek baby in so many ways. i was warded for 4 days. Alhamdulillah it was not dengue, just viral fever. Blood was taken everyday to monitor dengue/virus. Main treatment is IV drip. Day and night, kene masuk IV drip. Tangan sampai bengkak-bengkak!

Sometimes when body temperature got high, they'll give me Panadol. No other medicine than that.

Paling penting baby okay! Alhamdulillah.

 Swollen hand because of the IV drip. Takleh pakai cincin kahwin time tu!

 Our little pea at 8 weeks. 
Alhamdulillah the baby is okay and not affected by mummy's high fever.
Seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat for the first time made me so emotional! i almost cried. Almost.

Entering the Second Trimester.. Yeay!

Last week, i started week 13. Some says it's the beginning of second trimester. Yeayyy! Second trimester adalah best diorang cakap. One, because your chance of miscarriage is greatly decreased. Baby dah membesar dan lekat kuat dalam rahim, so konfiden sikit lah takda keguguran. Two, they say you'll feel more energetic, selera makan kembali dan yang paling best, tiada lagi morning sickness! And three, your sex drive will return. Believe me, between morning sickness, breast tenderness, and being tired, you have no desire at all for sex in the first trimester.

At 12 weeks 3 days
Attending department's team building Oscar Dinner.
i can still fit in my wedding skirt and danced for dinner night's performance.

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