November 28, 2011

Cold Feet

i don't know whether these are wedding jitters or what..

But i have these thoughts..

Like.. Is he REALLY the one for me?

Like are we doing the right thing, getting married?

God, what if after getting married we loathe each other?

Why didn't i date loads of guys before i settle down?

What if we never have children?

Should i stop the wedding??

All these stupid thoughts and we're 25 days away from the wedding..

If you are ex-brides-to-be, tell me, did you have all these stupid thoughts before getting married?

Ya Allah, please help us!

p/s: i did solat Istikharah before we decided to get married. After that, all signs showed that we should. But what if i misinterpret the signs? What if?????
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